BBN Medical Health Group mainly produces and develops technical research and development of protective masks, medical masks, hoods, gloves, isolation clothing, meltblown cloth and other related products. BBN Medical Health Group has 700 square meters of 100,000-level clean workshop, 8 medical surgical mask production lines, 1 protective clothing production line. It is equipped with ethylene oxide disinfection equipment, special analytical workshop, air resistance and respiratory resistance tester, mask synthetic blood penetration tester and other testing equipment a total of more than 30 sets.

Since the outbreak of the new type of coronavirus pneumonia, BBN Medical Health Group has urgently invested tens of millions of RMB on the basis of the original two KN95 mask production lines to expand the production capacity of masks to protect the demand for epidemic prevention. At present, BBN Medical Health Group has three KN95 mask production lines, the daily production capacity has increased from less than 10,000 to 30,000; the number of disposable flat mask production lines has more than 10, with a daily output of one million.

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